Friday, December 1, 2006

33rd Degree Freemasonry

Ever wanted to know how one becomes a 33rd degree Mason within British Intelligence?

I had first-hand experience of the rites and rituals as well as the tortuous procedure involved, in order to become one, until I decided to speak their 'holy name' and get out. I am now 'unattached'. My protest was staged against their most unholy practices which are virtually unspeakable but I have now found the courage to speak out about them.

Let me explain:

'Water' torture - the programmers in British Intelligence bring you to a near-death experience in order to make you OBE...some people never come back. This is the birth, death and ressurrection process. The stages of the Cross - most initiates are then taken to Jerusalem to walk the Via Dolorosa in order to reinforce this programming i.e that they have become 'Christ-like'.

The programmers torture the initiate repeatedly, in order to break their spirit. An initiate is worthless to them if they are capable of disobeying orders from above.

Once a recruit has become what the programmers term as a 'son of god' (remember Antony Blunt and his 'apostles'?), they are fully under mind control.

The photographs above depict the symbols involved in this programming procedure.

I will not elaborate upon what each symbol means in detail (check the price tags - together they add up to 330). However, I will say that these photographs are of a cabinet-case used by the British Illuminati to test their initiates in terms of how well they know their own mind control programming. Each initatiate has to go up to the case with a 'master' and interpret the symbols and their meanings.

The Rabbi blowing the ram's horn?

British Satanic Zionism - nothing to do with the Jewish faith.

Everything to do with the worship of 'Ra' or rather 'Amen Ra' - the Egyptian sun god.

The 'hubbly-bubbly'?

Nothing to do with Islam, it is Alice in Wonderland programming - think the 'caterpillar' and his 'hooker'.

The DNA candlesticks, the owl (who is a 'doctor' in the upper case) and the owl (who is a mechanic in the lower case)...the upper level is the mind of the initiate as controlled by the higher Masons...the lower level is the body of the initiate which can be controlled and run like a car. The 'masters' can borrow the 'car' of the initiate and use it any time they wish i.e. to run errands, messages under mind control.